The Divorce Solicitor & Social Networking

The woes of the social networking when you are getting divorced. I was recently speaking with a friend who unfortunately is getting divorced now as this not a common practice for her she was completely new to dealing with solicitor’s and legal issues. In fact she had only been in a solicitors company a small handful of times and it involved buying property so very different and rather straight forward in comparison. The main point of interest from this story is how the solicitor built up the case he did all the stuff you would normally expect taking details about the reasoning looking into financial affairs and so forth.

The piece that really shocked Lisa was that the solicitor viewed Facebook profiles and took note of some of the detail shared on this and various profiles. They looked at images of the lifestyle her and her partner had when they were a couple. To looking at conversations and picture comments to justify the allegations that where being made against Lisa. This really interested me just the fact that this is something that hasn’t even been around 15 years and solicitors are already using it to prove all sorts of things.

It made me think about the things that I have posted on networking sites over the years. If I was to be challenged on some of them by a partner in a legal entity what would it look like and how could this effect the likeness of my case going in my favour. If you think about the type of personal information you share on a daily basis it’s quite scary to think about. I did a 10 minute review of my personal page and it built up a picture of me that showed the following things from the last few years.


New car


New purchases for the house

Evening out with friends

Public conversations between close friends

The list goes on

But I’m sure if you did this with your own profile you would start to realize how sharing so much online is not always a good idea. When Lisa was getting divorced she was informed by a local solicitor that her social profiles could be used against her. It could be interpreted in certain ways by the other party’s legal team. As you can imagine she quickly deleted the profiles as to not give any more fuel to the fire but unfortunately nothing is deleted permanently online.

I researched some facts and figures for you on my findings and it staggered me to realise that one in three divorces cases have some sort of mention towards a social networking profile. Many actually blame it officially for the fall of their relationship. Now this isn’t to mean you shouldn’t enjoy it I do. Its great fun especially if you are self-confessed people watcher like myself. But I would recommend to always think before you share

New Blog

Hi All

This is my new blog it is going to be focusing on legal issues and resolutions that I fined and see in my everyday life. We see a lot of things happen and a lot of things done because of legal issues and I wanted to explore some of these in more detail. My love for legal news is purely a hobby and I have a very different day job but this is an area that I am extremely interested in and who knows maybe one day I will be able to turn it into a living.

I see things on a daily basis that make me question the way in which we do things and what to do if that thing was to happen. Normally these rules and laws have been created after an event and it may be rather geeky of me but if I can’t work it out I will 9 times out of 10 look for the answer.

I get many questions on my other blogs and on my twitter as to why there are certain laws and what does it mean. Now obviously I can’t answer them all as I don’t know everything but what about starting a chat or a discussion with other readers of this blog.

So the sort of things I’m currently interested in are:

Legal issues facing the everyday person huge legality’s and complex commercial cases don’t really interest me. As I really want to understand and shed some light on personal legal issues. Things like personal Injury Law marital law and civil disputes. I want to create a point of reference for you with information on personal experiences from myself and other readers. On how an individual legal matter affected us how we dealt with and what was the outcome for us. This is a hobby so all the help I can get will be fantastic. If you have any story’s you would want to share please fill in the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.